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Olympus Gymnastics Programs

Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics program promotes coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and confidence. We have a wide range of convenient classes to choose from for anyone wishing to participate. From the very beginner as early as 18 months, all the way through high school age kids. Olympus provides a safe and fun way to explore the awesome world of gymnastics.


Help your child discover his inner Ninja during our new Ninja Experience classes!
Our Ninja Experience classes are inspired by combining gymnastics, obstacle course training, and martial arts. It is fun and a unique way to focus your child's energy.

In this class your child will learn:
-Strength development
-Self Confidence
-Basic Tumbling
....and so much more!

If your child is ready to run, jump, and tumble while having TONS of fun.....
Then they are ready for our NINJA EXPERIENCE

Register today online here or by calling our front desk at (801) 446-0279

Team Gymnastics

Olympus Gymnastics has the most successful team program in the state of Utah! Olympus gymnasts have won more state, regional and national titles than any other gym in Utah. We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff to help your child reach her full potential. Call the front desk for more information at (801) 446-0279