Girls Recreational Gymnastics

Some say the benefits of gymnastics are physical – increased strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance – while others praise the emotional benefits of concentration, goal setting, confidence, and self-esteem. At Olympus, we know that, without a doubt, both are true. While we have gymnasts who have trained to National Titles & NCAA scholarships, we take great pride in those who have continued on to soccer, field hockey, diving and track scholarships, medical school graduates, and leaders in business and politics. Former Olympus gymnasts have founded their own gymnastics schools and work as gymnastics judges at National Championships and here on our staff as well!

However we take the most pride in seeing our former students walk back into our door, bringing their own children here for instruction. Discover for yourself why former students want their children to be part of the Olympus family.

FREE Trial Class!

Olympus Gymnastics offers one free trial class to all students who are interested in our programs. From Ninja to Gymnastics, give one of our classes a shot. After all…. it’s FREE!

$99/per month
Ages 5+
$99/per month
Ages 5+
$130/per month
1.5 hr. class
*by invitation only



Our girls Beginning classes are designed to introduce the basics of gymnastics.  This includes basic rolling, handstands, cartwheels, and tumbling using training mats, on the floor.  On bars, strength training and shaping are introduced with chin up holds, casts, pullovers and gliding.  On beam, the Bronze classes learn balancing on high toes, walking forward, backward and sideways, small jumps, teeter totters and dismounts. Vault and trampoline are introduced for basic jumping, running and springboard punching skills.


Our girls intermediate classes are designed to enhance the basic skills learned in our Beginning classes.  Proper shaping and technique is introduced on all four events. Backbends, kickovers, handstand holds, and backward rolling are taught on the floor.  Back walkovers are introduced along with cartwheel variations to prepare for round-offs. On bars, the focus is on arm strength and core strength to learn chin-up pullovers, and casting to back hip circles.  On beam, balance is taught from two to one foot.  Turns are introduced along with split jumps and beginner handstands on low beams. On vault the students are taught the handstand flatback.


Our girls advanced classes focus on upgraded skills from Beginning and Intermediate.  Back walkovers and front walkovers are taught along with more tumbling, introducing roundoffs and front and back handsprings on the floor.  On bars, strength training is a must, more focus on shaping the back hip circle and glides are taught and the glide kip is introduced.  On Beam, handstand holds and jumps and leaps are taught, along with cartwheels on the low beams.  Mounts and dismounts are also taught.  On vault, handstand blocking is taught to progress the handstand flat back and front handsprings into the pit are introduced.