September 7th – 19th

Hooray for Handstands & Cartwheels

September 21st – October 3rd

Mickey Mania


   Tot & Me            ~   $65 mo

   Ninja Tots          ~   $65 mo

   Beginning Tots   ~   $79 mo

  Advanced Tots    ~  $79 mo

 Mini Hot Tots      ~  $79 mo

TOT Program Supervisor


Deb has been coaching gymnastics for 35 years. She started her career as a gymnast herself.

She owned her own facility for seven years. After closing her gym she couldn’t imagine her life without gymnastics.

She loves teaching and coaching young athletes. Her coaching philosophy is one that embodies love, structure, support, and expectations.

Deb loves watching them get excited when they achieve new skills. Gymnastics builds self-esteem and Coach Deb loves being part of that. She loves watching young athletes grow into outstanding individuals.

Deb’s favorite quote:
“When you get, GIVE
When you Learn, TEACH.”
-by Maya Angelou.

Tot Coach


Tot Coach


Benefits of Pre-School Gymnastics

Our tot’s gymnastics program helps develop cognitive skills using the left and right brain to help improve body and spatial awareness. • Including the development of strong healthy bones, our tots will build their upper body, lower body and overall core strength. • Our circuits and tot lesson plans are created to increase coordination and improve flexibility which decreases the chances of injury. • Our coaches help our tots in mastering self-control which leads to improved self-esteem. • And most of all we have lots of Fun!