November 1st – November 3oth

Gobble gobble fix your wobbles

Skill pass off month

December 1st – 23rd

Let it Snow

Roll for Snow”flakes”


   Tot & Me            ~   $65 mo

   Ninja Tots          ~   $65 mo

   Beginning Tots   ~   $79 mo

  Advanced Tots    ~  $79 mo

 Mini Hot Tots      ~  $79 mo

Tot Coach


Tot Coach


Benefits of Pre-School Gymnastics

Our tot’s gymnastics program helps develop cognitive skills using the left and right brain to help improve body and spatial awareness. • Including the development of strong healthy bones, our tots will build their upper body, lower body and overall core strength. • Our circuits and tot lesson plans are created to increase coordination and improve flexibility which decreases the chances of injury. • Our coaches help our tots in mastering self-control which leads to improved self-esteem. • And most of all we have lots of Fun!